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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trend: Chrome Nails

Has anyone tried or heard of the "chrome nails" trend?

Chrome nails basically give off a mirrored effect, that so far, have not been achievable in regular polish or even gel polish. Chrome nails, or mirrored nails, are attained by using a pigment, which come in many different colors. In this years International Beauty Show, it was what every nail artist, myself included, was awwing over this new nail trend.

It's a pretty fascinating process. So first, you pick pigment color (I have three different ones displayed). The pigment will be applied to a regular gel manicure, after the top coat is applied. Whatever gel color you use, in combination with whichever pigment, will determine how your nails turn out. For example, using a white base with silver chrome pigment will give a mirror/glass effect. If a black gel base is used, in combination with a silver chrome pigment, it will create a gunmetal look. Fun, right?!

What other nail trends are you loving right now? Let me know :)
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