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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Had To Get It: Black Friday HAUL

Hello everyone and happy December!! Vlogmas is in full effect on my YouTube channel, so I will be blogging a lot this month :) Today I wanted to share the goodies I picked up on Black Friday! Some of these were on sale...and some were not but I still wanted them ha ha
We kicked off Black Friday with a little 'ol Startbucks! Current drink of choice: Salted caramel mocha, no coffee, easy on the salt!
They have the CUTEST little ornaments right now!! I had to get this for my tree that's going to have all gold and white ornaments :) This was not on sale, of course. It was $6.95, so it was doable ^_^
I found this BEUATY from the Z Gallerie!! It was 70% off, and came up less than $6 - originally $19! What a steal! And IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
I made this mistake of thinking ALL the mugs in the Disney Store were on sale....they were not lol this mug was not on sale but it was the last one so I HAD TO GET IT! Reasonably priced at $12.95 ^_^
This Minnie Mouse mug was on sale for $9. It says MINNIE on the back, and it's so tall! It's the tallest mug I own yaaaay :) I love it so much!!
Last place we stopped at was Express. Their Black Friday sale was big because their entire store was 40% off. These shades were originally $29.90
I am SO in love with this bag right now!! It was originally $49.95
We actually had a $30 rewards credit at Express! So after the 40% discount and $30 off, the total was about $17 for both items!!! I saved $60!!! Now THAT'S A STEAL!!!

I hope everyone had a  lovely Thanksgiving :)
If you haven't already, go ahead and watch my haul here

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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