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Monday, July 20, 2015

My Company | S O L E L Y G I F T E D

Hey guys!! I'm so excited to finally share my new company, Solely Gifted, which is an online women's boutique. We currently specialize in women's fashion accessories, and will be expanding our collections over time.

Watch my video, with all the details here:

I'm giving my follower/viewers a 20% off coupon code: MISSPURPLEP20
No minimum necessary!

Take advantage of free shipping on orders $30 and over, by using the code FREE30 at checkout.

Thank you SO much for the continued support!! I hope you will check us out, as we will always be adding new inventory :)

'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outfit of The Day: Tropical Vibes

Rise and shine, beauties!! I have been loving all of the tropical prints in fashion right now. I also have an obsession with shorts lately. I just can't get enough! I mean, I do live in the dessert. So, it's basically hot nine months out of the year here haha so why not embrace it, right?!
My shirt is from Fabletics, and it's SO comfortable. I love how I can wear it to the gym, or in a casual outfit.
I'm OBSESSED with these shorts!!! They're from H&M.

My shoes are from a local store, Rhapsodielle. They're super comfortable, and I wear them with a lot of different looks.
As always, my purse is from Louis Vuitton. Both bracelets are from my store, Solely Gifted.

I am having so much fun, experimenting with patterns and different colors! The beauty of fashion is that there are no real rules. Wear whatever makes you happy, and whatever makes you shine from the inside out!

Thank you SO much for the continued support!! 'Til next time fashionistas, MUAH!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Outfit of The Day: Sun and Stripes

Hey guys!! It's time for another fashion post! See, I can be consistent ha ha!

This is the perfect outfit to meet my girl friends for coffee and dessert! I also wore this at night to dinner with my boo and friends, so this look was easy to wear from day to night.
The entire outfit (minus the bag) is from Express. I LOVE these boots so much! I use any excuse to wear them...even in the summer in the desert :o)
And lastly, this is my all time favorite purse from Louis Vuitton. I wear it everyday!

Even though I am not a fan of summer in the desert, I am having so much fun with my outfits haha

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time fashionistas, MUAH!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Outfit of the Day: Statement Skirt

Hiiiiiiiiii guys!!! Oh my goodness, I know what you're thinking. Where the hell have you been?! My answer: I've been under a rock ha ha BUT I am BACK and in full force. So brace yourselves people. Brace. Yourselves. Anyways, I've been feeling frumpy lately, and decided THAT NEEDED TO STOP. Immediately. So I've been determined to wear things that make me happy. What can I say? I love fashion!!! This was the look I wore yesterday :)

I don't know about you, but I love crop tops! Well, only if I'm wearing high waisted bottoms. No belly button for you!
The crop top has lace shoulders, and honestly, I do not remember the name of the random store I bought it from eek!
The skirt is one of my FAVORITE skirts ever. I bought it from Forever 21, a few years back. I'm so obsessed with this skirt, it's not even funny.
The nude heels are from Payless, and they are my current staple heels. Nude goes with everything!
My necklace is actually from my own store, Solely Gifted
Oh, and my hair looks fabulous, thanks to the 25MM Curling Wand from NuMe, thanks to NuMe and the The 411 Mommas!

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time fashionistas, MUAH!

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