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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fabletics!! My First Purcahse + Review

Hey everyone!! I'm super excited to share with you all my very first Fabletics purchase. I have been eying the Fabletics subscription for a while now, thanks to youtube channels from Twilightchic143 and MommyTipsByCole. Fabletics is a monthly subscription for workout gear. At the beginning of each month, Fabletics creates a "showroom" for you, to give you ideas on outfits they think you might like. If you don't like anything that month, or you're just not wanting to spend money on an outfit that month, you have the option of "skipping" between the first and fifth of the month. If you do not skip or make a purchase during that time period, your card will be charged $49.95, which is the equivalent to an outfit. Outfits can range anywhere from $49.95 to $79.95. Your very first purchase will be 50% off! I chose an outfit that is normal $79.95, so I ended up paying $39.95.

This is the Terrain outfit:
This is the Versatile T, in the color cobalt blue. It's a very lightweight v-neck shirt, and the material feels amazing.  The shirt retails for $19.95, but the VIP member price is $15.95
I did get this shirt in an XS. The shirt is a larger fit, so it is at least a size larger than you would expect, but it's perfect for exercising.
Every piece of Fabletics clothing has their cute logo!
This is the Salar Capri, in the color Black/Charcoal Stripe. I did get these is an XXS. They are very tight, but VERY flexible. In my opinion, these capris run a size smaller, so I would opt for a size up next time.
These capris retail for $39.95, and the VIP member price makes it $31.95. I love these!!
These capris also have a hidden pocket for your keys!
This is the #1 reason why I chose this outfit. This jacket is incredible!! This is the Ninety Six Windbreaker in Blue Lava Print. I am obsessed!!
I bought this jacket in the size XXS, and I would say it is true to size. It has a slim fit, but is still perfect for working out, running, etc. The jacket retails for $44.95, and the VIP member price makes it $35.95.
The pattern of the jacket is so unique and eye catching, and the price for the quality is a total steal!
Both side of the jacket have two pockets.
There are also hidden pockets inside.
This feature allows you to make the jacket even more slim at the bottom by scrunching.
There is also an optional thumbhole.
You don't have to wear the jacket this way, but it does add a unique and stylish twist to this jacket!

Overall, I am 100% happy with this purchase!! I will definitely be a regular customer :)

Check out Fabletics for yourself here

Watch my Fabletics video here to see the complete outfit!

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