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Saturday, June 14, 2014

DAISO HAUL!!! (Japanese Dollar Store)

Hello beauties!!! As you may know, I was recently in Los Angeles for Ipsy's second Generation Beauty event. The event was only a few hours long both days, so I still had plenty of time to explore and hang out in California. Everytime I go to California, I like to try out new places to go or see! I have been seeing this store called Daiso all over YouTube. Daiso is a Japanese dollar store, in which everything costs $1.50 - unless marked otherwise. I managed to squeeze in time to go before I headed back home. I had so much fun there!!! These are the items I bought:
For the random kitchen products, I bought a mini ice cube tray, a cheese/chocolate grater, and a mini milk pot! Kawaii!!!
These mittens were so cute, girly, and perfect! I also fell in LOVE with the microfiber hedgehog cleaner!! I mean, how adorable is this?!!
I am a sucker for stationary items.
These little post it/stickers make my daily planners so much more fun!
The bow bag is perfect for traveling, and I LOVE HI-CHEW!!! Grape is the best ;)
These are the cutest zip-loc bags ever!! I always need these kinds of bags for my toothbrush and other necessities when traveling.
I instantly fell in love with this plastic jar, which is currently storing some of my cosmetics! I also bought this adorable little clear box, which I'm currently using to store my lip products upright in my bathroom :)
I am SO OBSESSED with these lunch boxes!!!! They each have separate compartments to section out your food!! I want more!! I also LOVE these little chopsticks that come in their own little case! Cuteness overload

I highly recommend everyone to check this cute store out!!!! Super KAWAII!!!

Watch my Daiso haul here:

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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