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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

100th Video Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Hey everyone! Today's the day I'm happy to celebrate my 100th video on my YouTube channel! I remember 3 years ago when I uploaded my first video, I was SO nervous. I had a webcam I got from Best Buy at the time, and I would turn the camera on and just freeze....I was so shy! Once I finally uploaded my video, I never thought anyone would ever watch it, so I just let my video sit there for 5 months without any activity to my channel. About 5 months later, to my surprise, I had so many views! To this day, it's still one of my most popular videos I've made. Here I am 100 videos later....boy have I changed since then! I have grown a lot as a person in 3 years, and I really owe a lot to my YouTube channel for that. YouTube allows me to use my creativity to express myself, as well as share and talk about my favorite topics! To commemorate my 100th video, I wanted to do a giveaway. I mean, it's about time, right?!

I decided to giveaway these SUPER AWESOME Color Tattoo eyeshadows by Maybelline! I've heard so many good reviews, and even as I was purchasing these at checkout, the salesperson told me they were her favorite :) Here's what the lucky winner will receive:

The giveaway rules are simple:

1. You must be a subscriber to my channel http://www.youtube.com/MissPurpleP

2. Comment on my video which eyeshadow is your favorite AND comment what type of videos you'd like to see from me in the future!

That's it! The giveaway will be open until June 3, 2014

Watch the giveaway video here:

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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