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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gluten Free Goodies!!

Hello everyone! For quite some time I've wanted to share some of the things that I eat since I found out I was gluten sensitive. I've been on this life changing journey for almost 2 years now, and I decided now is the time to share my pantry with you guys. I went to a local store called Sprouts, which is a health awareness store. They have lots of gluten free foods, frozen and fresh. This is what I picked up on my most recent trip!
This brownie is from the French Meadow bakery. It's individually wrapped and it comes frozen. I am not lying when I say this was one of the best brownies I've ever had. It is so moist and has the perfect amount of chocolate - not overpowering. It was $1.99

These vanilla cupcakes are from the Lucky Spoon Bakery. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were fresh and not frozen. It was a great price at $3.99 for 4 cupcakes!

Unfortunately, these cupcakes looked better than they tasted to me. I noticed a taste that overpowered the whole cupcake...almond! I love fresh almond, but I HATE almond flavored foods/drinks. I just cannot deal with the taste. If you love almond flavor, then this cupcake is a winner for you.

I was CRAVING donuts like crazy!! I found these glazed donuts by Katz for about $6. 6 come in a box. 
These glazed donuts tasted more like those donuts that are meant for dunking in coffee. They were good, but not what I expected.

That's all for this trip, but stay tuned for future food/gluten free posts! 

Watch my video about these items here:

Thank you so much for the support! 'Til next time foodies, MUAH!!

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