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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jewelmint: 5 Piece Mystery Box

Hello lovelies!! Jewelmint had a 5 Piece Mystery Box on sale as a part of their Cyber Monday special. This box was reduced to $24.99, and everyone was guaranteed at least 5 pieces, and some would be lucky enough to receive more. I thought this was such a great price, especially for Jewelmint. I couldn't pass this up! Here are the items I received:
These pink studs are actually more on the hot pink side in person. I love studs, and I have been loving gold lately. These are so cute!
This bracelet is has a tan faux leather cuff, with stones and gold plating. I think this cuff is very cute. My only complaint is that it is quite large on my wrist.
I love this gold feather bracelet. The stones in the middle are beautiful and this bracelet can be worn casually or dressed up.
The back is adjustable to make it tighter or looser. However, my wrists are so tiny that even the tightest setting is still very loose on me.
This is an off-white faux leather cuff. I can't show you what it looks like completely because this bracelet did arrive broken. The clasp does not open. I did contact Jewelmint's customer care, and they are sending me a random replacement. Even though I was unhappy that this piece arrived broken, I am glad that I'll be getting something different because I did not really like this piece to begin with.
This necklace is actually my favorite piece in the box! It's the "Pulsar Necklace"
The pendant has a medieval feel to it with the shape and color of the stone. I also love the rustic gold look on the chain. Unique and beautiful!

Overall, I thought $24.99 was a great value for 5 pieces. It's a fun gamble to not know what items you will receive. Even though one item arrived broken, I am happy that they are sending me another item instead. As soon as that piece arrives in my mail, I will be posting about it here on my blog. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll love it!

Watch me talk about this box here:

Thank you so much for the support!! Happy Holidays!! 'Til next time jewelry lovers, MUAH!

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