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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Inexpensive DIY Gift: Christmas Candles

Hello lovelies!! The holidays are here and a lot of us our looking in our wallets and cringing at the money we'll spend on gifts this year. I decide to come up with a simple, fun, and inexpensive DIY Christmas gift idea: candles. Who doesn't love candles?! Putting your personal touches on this gift will add meaning and value that cannot be measured by dollar signs. So let's begin!
For this project you will need newspaper (to set down and prevent any mess from ruining your table), hot glue gun, candles of any size or color, peppermint candies, peppermint sticks (optional), decorative ribbon and goodie bags which as also optional.
Simply start gluing to candies closely together at the bottom and work your way around.
For each new level, make sure you stagger the candies. This will eliminate space between each piece and will give a more clean look to the candle.
I decided to use the peppermint sticks for my red candle. Notice how I staggered the peppermint sticks? I thought it gave a dimensional and fun effect to the candle. Continue to stagger all the way around the candle!
After adding the ribbon of my choice to each candle, here;s the finished look! They're fun, festive, and they really have that homey touch that I really love!
The gift bags were a little too small for the candles, so I cut the sides and wrapped it like so! Adding gift wrap is just like putting the cherry on top :)
Whether you're keeping these for yourselves or gifting them, remember to have fun and embellish as much as you want! Let your creativity shine!

Feel free to watch my tutorial here:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time DIYers, MUAH!

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