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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Broken Jewelmint Item Update

Hello lovelies!! In my last post I shared my items from my 5 Piece Mystery Box from Jewelmint, and I also shared that one of my pieces arrived broken. After emailing their customer service, they let me know that they'd be sending me a random replacement. I was fine with this because I didn't particularly care for the bracelet to begin with.
This was the faux leather cuff that arrived broken. The latch would not open for anything!

And here is the replacement I received in the mail.
"It's a Cinch Bracelet"
This is another faux leather cuff, in a really pretty orange with gold detailing.
This cuff is rather large on my wrist and to be honest I think it's a bit hideous. 

However, I am very satisfied that Jewelmint dealt with my issue right away. They didn't even ask me to return the broken cuff. They just sent a replacement item right away. Even though I do not really care for this cuff either, I knew this was the risk I took anyways when I placed an order for a Mystery Box. You get what you get, but I am happy that the customer service made it very easy for me and did not give me a hard time. 
5 stars for their customer service!

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