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Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello lovelies!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I certainly did :) Now I'm a girl who is not afraid to admit that I love a good sale. It sounds silly but I really do get a shopping high from saving money. So naturally, the after Christmas sales have me going GA-GA! After Christmas shopping has been a tradition that I absolutely blame my mom on. Year after year we search high and low for those half off gift sets and half off holiday decor. I'm getting excited just thinking about it...ANYWAYS it's time to show you guys what I got this year! I would also like to mention that in the past I would go out at the butt crack of dawn on December 26 of every year to at least 3 Walmarts. This year I had to work that day, so I did my shopping two days after Christmas. I thought all the good stuff would be gone by then, but my scouting skills and thrifty nose led me to some steals! Let's begin the madness...

First stop? Albertson's. Yup, I said Albertson's.

I found these LED lights and these decorative glitter snowflakes. Random? Of course. 

These babies are bright! This picture was taken on my iPhone with all the lights in the room off. These guys about only $2.50! They were originally almost $11. Savings? No. A STEAL!

Although these snowflakes are random, I figured I could decorate my coffee table with them. At only 32 cents, there was no way I could walk away from these.

Next stop on the crazy train: Walgreen's

Ok how cute is this cupcake ornament?! Only paid 50 cents for them! The Christmas Classics are some of my absolute childhood favorites. I had already wanted to buy this, but I was even more happy to get it on sale for $10. I also bought some super cute wrapping paper for $1.50, which is an amazing deal for 50 sq. ft. of paper (AKA A LOT)

I've had my Christmas tree for a few years now, but I've never gotten a star for it. 

I thought this star was beautiful, and it was only less than 5 bucks!

Next Victim: WALMART.
Now I knew there wouldn't be much there since I wasn't able to go the first day after Christmas, but I was happy to have found the items that I did.

I always make sure I pick up a Gillette gift set for my boyfriend, because it's such a great price. This whole set was only $7.44. It includes the razor, shaving cream, body wash, and deodorant. Saving some money here people!

Even though my dog is a little destroyer, I always try to get him some extra toys during the sale. This stocking came with 6 toys and was less than $2.50. I also swooned over this Merry Christmas wall decal, which I nabbed for only $1.50!

Last target? TARGET. No seriously, I really went to Target ha ha

Somehow I ran out of tape this year. That's my bad for not stocking up last year, but I won't have to worry because these 4 rolls were only $1.50

As you can tell, I have to stock up on supplies. The tissue paper was $1.50 for a huge pack, and both gift stickers were 50 cents a pack. Each pack contained 48 stickers. BAM!

It's all about the details. The Merry Christmas ribbon was 50 cents. The gist tags came in two packs, at $1.50 each. How cute are they?!

Funny enough I saw these pillows the day before Christmas, and I was really upset that I hadn't seen them sooner. Good thing I didn't buy them until 3 days later, because I got each pillow for $1.50!!!! I died.

I absolutely am loving the whole vintage Christmas decor look. I had already been swooning over this tree a month ago, but patience is a virtue because I got it for only $4.88!!! MINE! The little adorable wooden sign was only 50 cents too!!! THIS IS IS CRAZY!

And lastly, I bought the nicest lights I have ever owned.

These lights were orinally $17.99, and I got them for less than 9 dollars.

There is something so fun, festive, and stylish about these lights. SWOON!

Ahhhhhh. I can't wait to decorate my house next year, and I look forward to the next sale :)

Watch my video here!

Thank you so much for the support! Happy holidays and have a happy New Year! 'Til next year savvy savers, MUAH!

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Broken Jewelmint Item Update

Hello lovelies!! In my last post I shared my items from my 5 Piece Mystery Box from Jewelmint, and I also shared that one of my pieces arrived broken. After emailing their customer service, they let me know that they'd be sending me a random replacement. I was fine with this because I didn't particularly care for the bracelet to begin with.
This was the faux leather cuff that arrived broken. The latch would not open for anything!

And here is the replacement I received in the mail.
"It's a Cinch Bracelet"
This is another faux leather cuff, in a really pretty orange with gold detailing.
This cuff is rather large on my wrist and to be honest I think it's a bit hideous. 

However, I am very satisfied that Jewelmint dealt with my issue right away. They didn't even ask me to return the broken cuff. They just sent a replacement item right away. Even though I do not really care for this cuff either, I knew this was the risk I took anyways when I placed an order for a Mystery Box. You get what you get, but I am happy that the customer service made it very easy for me and did not give me a hard time. 
5 stars for their customer service!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jewelmint: 5 Piece Mystery Box

Hello lovelies!! Jewelmint had a 5 Piece Mystery Box on sale as a part of their Cyber Monday special. This box was reduced to $24.99, and everyone was guaranteed at least 5 pieces, and some would be lucky enough to receive more. I thought this was such a great price, especially for Jewelmint. I couldn't pass this up! Here are the items I received:
These pink studs are actually more on the hot pink side in person. I love studs, and I have been loving gold lately. These are so cute!
This bracelet is has a tan faux leather cuff, with stones and gold plating. I think this cuff is very cute. My only complaint is that it is quite large on my wrist.
I love this gold feather bracelet. The stones in the middle are beautiful and this bracelet can be worn casually or dressed up.
The back is adjustable to make it tighter or looser. However, my wrists are so tiny that even the tightest setting is still very loose on me.
This is an off-white faux leather cuff. I can't show you what it looks like completely because this bracelet did arrive broken. The clasp does not open. I did contact Jewelmint's customer care, and they are sending me a random replacement. Even though I was unhappy that this piece arrived broken, I am glad that I'll be getting something different because I did not really like this piece to begin with.
This necklace is actually my favorite piece in the box! It's the "Pulsar Necklace"
The pendant has a medieval feel to it with the shape and color of the stone. I also love the rustic gold look on the chain. Unique and beautiful!

Overall, I thought $24.99 was a great value for 5 pieces. It's a fun gamble to not know what items you will receive. Even though one item arrived broken, I am happy that they are sending me another item instead. As soon as that piece arrives in my mail, I will be posting about it here on my blog. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll love it!

Watch me talk about this box here:

Thank you so much for the support!! Happy Holidays!! 'Til next time jewelry lovers, MUAH!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Inexpensive DIY Gift: Christmas Candles

Hello lovelies!! The holidays are here and a lot of us our looking in our wallets and cringing at the money we'll spend on gifts this year. I decide to come up with a simple, fun, and inexpensive DIY Christmas gift idea: candles. Who doesn't love candles?! Putting your personal touches on this gift will add meaning and value that cannot be measured by dollar signs. So let's begin!
For this project you will need newspaper (to set down and prevent any mess from ruining your table), hot glue gun, candles of any size or color, peppermint candies, peppermint sticks (optional), decorative ribbon and goodie bags which as also optional.
Simply start gluing to candies closely together at the bottom and work your way around.
For each new level, make sure you stagger the candies. This will eliminate space between each piece and will give a more clean look to the candle.
I decided to use the peppermint sticks for my red candle. Notice how I staggered the peppermint sticks? I thought it gave a dimensional and fun effect to the candle. Continue to stagger all the way around the candle!
After adding the ribbon of my choice to each candle, here;s the finished look! They're fun, festive, and they really have that homey touch that I really love!
The gift bags were a little too small for the candles, so I cut the sides and wrapped it like so! Adding gift wrap is just like putting the cherry on top :)
Whether you're keeping these for yourselves or gifting them, remember to have fun and embellish as much as you want! Let your creativity shine!

Feel free to watch my tutorial here:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time DIYers, MUAH!

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