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Monday, August 19, 2013

$10 SHOES?!

Hello fashionistas!! It's no secret that I love fashion, but what do I love more? Fashion at prices you can't beat! I recently checked out a new discount shoe store in Henderson, near the Galleria Mall. All women's shoes are $10.88 and under!!!! Of course, I found a couple items I liked ;)

I absolutely LOVE these wedges!! This is my first color-blocking pair of shoes. The neutral colors makes this so versatile for different outfit styles and colors!
My favorite part is the back of the heel. It's gold!! Just that slight bit of gold in the back gives it a certain level of sophistication. LOVE!!!
I know we've seen spikes around for quite some time now, but these pumps really caught my eye! It's the sexy look of the shoe mixed with a little bit of edge in the back. 
These are statement heels that can be worn with jeans, or worn with a sexy dress or skirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

If you live in Las Vegas, I highly recommend you check out this shoe store. You've got nothing to lose, and a lot to gain ;)

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next times shoe addicts, MUAH!

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