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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Birchbox x 2

Hellooooooo beautiful people!! I failed to make a Birchbox video/blog post for March. So I decided to combine last month's box and this month :) Let's get straight into them!
This is the Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja by Alima Pure. This blush is made from all natural ingredients. It's incredible smooth and lightweight, but it's a little too light for my skin tone.
This shaving cream is from the brand Whish. It's made with organic shea butter and has a "blueberry" scent. I don't care much for the scent, and I probably won't be using this. I use Schick Intuition razors, and they way they're designed you don't need shaving cream.
This is a floral emery board from Madewell, for Birchbox. It's cute and can easily be carried for travel!
This is a super small concealer sample from Benefit.
I was so excited to get this!! This is the famous Deep Repair Masque from Macadamia Natural Oil. People all over YouTube and blogs have raved about this product. I'm really excited to test this one out!
This is a perfume sample called Miss Me Discrete by Stella Cadente. I absolutely do not like this perfume, because it has an overwhelming floral scent. It reminds me of roses, and I do not like rose scented products.
Another Macadamia Natural Oil product!!! This is the Healing Oil Treatment. I am a big fan of oil treatments on the hair, so I can't wait to test this out!!

Overall, I only like the emery board and the Macadamia products. The rest of the products I'll probably end up giving to people I know.

Next box!

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health magazine.
The idea behind this box is to add little changes to our everyday routine that'll ultimately better ourselves.
First item is the Ambre Nue Cologne Absolue by Atelier Cologne. The perfume has a blend of spicy amber, sweet jasmine, and green mandarine notes. I can't quite put my finger in the smell, but I definitely wouldn't buy it.
This is the Blow Dry Lotion by Number 4. This is a pre-blow-dry smoothing treatment. I actually refrain from using the blowdryer because it's really damaging to my hair and makes it really difficult to straighten my hair afterwards. Unfortunately, this isn't a product I'll really be using either.
Next we have the Concentre Mesolift Toning Radiance Serum by Lierac Paris. This serum is meant for hydrating the skin, shrinking pores, while also preventing wrinkles with potent antioxidants. I love how fancy this sample looks! I can get a good amount of uses out of this. I'm looking forward to trying this one!
This was a bonus product in the box. This is by the popular brand Simple. It's the Revitalizing Eye Roll-On. This cools, refreshes, and helps reduce those puffy eyes. I wake up very early every morning and this product is a little lifesaver!!! I don't know how, but it definitely reduces the puffiness under my eyes. LOOOOVE!
The last product is a goodie! This is the Color Changing Nail Polish in the color Peony, by the brand Ruby Wing. It's a neon peach color that changes to a "brilliant red" while in the sun!! How fun is that?! FAVE!!

From this box, I am definitely excited about the last three products. While I am tired of getting perfume samples, I certainly am not tired of the nail polish!!!

So those are both of my boxes!! Which one was your fave? I definitely am more excited about the second box. I am still in a dilemma on whether to cancel or not. Ipsy is still looking REALLY GOOD!! 

If you haven't watched my latest video about these two boxes, please feel free to watch it here:

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time Birchboxers, MUAH!

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