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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OOTD: Gloomy Weather

Hello fashionistas!! I'm so excited to be back with a fashion post! This wasn't a special look I put together or anything. I just wanted to capture what I happened to be wearing on such a beautiful and gloomy day! We don't get many of those kinds of days where I live, so I appreciate the break from the sun when I can get it! Time to break down my casual outfit of the day:
This burgundy and faux leather jacket is from Rhapsodielle (one of my favorite stores in my city). It's a hoodie with drawstrings and gold zippers. It also has 4 pockets. There are two lower open pockets, and two high zipped-up pockets. I bought this for around $22!!
I'm not normally big on animal prints, but I absolutely LOVED the cheetah print detail inside!! It just gives the jacket a little extra something.
I'm also not usually big on skulls, but I simply ADORE this sweater! It's a cream 3/4 sleeve knit type sweater. I love the mint skull with heart eyes! Talk about edgy meets dainty! I bought this sweater from Marshall's for about $17. I'm also just wearing a basic spaghetti strap top underneath.
For my pants, I'm wearing my basic light gray pants from Express. I have no idea how my pants suddenly had a rip in it, but I actually am digging it. These pants were about $70.
These biker style boots are from Forever 21. I love them so much!! I have been wearing these FOREVER! They were $20
I kept my accessories very simple with a purple star ring and stud earrings.

That's it for my outfit of the day! 

If you haven't seen my latest video featuring this look, please feel free to watch it here:

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time fashionistas, MUAH!

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