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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall & Winter Nail Polish Faves!

Hello beauties!! Nail polish has to be one of my favorite beauty products. I think nail styles can say a lot about a girl :) I definitely love changing my manicure to the current mood I'm in. I'm very happy to have an expanding nail polish collection! These are my favorites to wear during the Fall and Winter seasons!
You might have figured by now that I LOVE PURPLE! The first polish is by Julep, and it's in the color Toni. It's a beautiful purple/mauve color. I think it's a very subtle and sophisticated way to wear a purple mani. The middle one is by Zoya, in the color Carey. This mixture of purple and gray is Fabulous! The quality is amazing! It might be the best quality nail polish I own. Last polish is by the lovely Essie, in the color Carry On. This plum purple is so beautiful!! I absolutely love it :)
We have another Julep winner! This beautiful midnight blue is in the color Michelle. It actually appears much darker on the nail, but is still so fabulous. I'm not a huge fan of blue polishes, but this one spoke to me. The quality is amazing, by the way. To the right is the weird name Status Uptade by Color Club. I love this smokey charcoal color. This is a totally rock able gray polish!! Love it

These polishes are both from Forever 21. The polish on the left is in the color Teal. It has a beautiful shimmery finish that reminds me of the ocean, or a mermaid! It's beautiful. On the right we have the color Olive. I love this sexy olive color so much! It has a hint of gold iridescence. It's insanely gorgeous!!

Where would I be without my glitter polishes?? The Essie polish on the left is in the color Set in Stones. It's an ultra fabulous silver confetti polish. This polish makes any manicure instantly over the top and glamourous :) The Love My Nails polish is in the color Milky Way. I bought this a whiiiiile back from Walmart. This is a gold glitter top coat, which I use all the time! The last polish is also from Walmart, and it's it's by the brand Pure Ice in the color Pure Ice Busted. This is another shimmer/glitter top coat. It's also iridescent. As you can see, I've used a lot of this one!

Those are all my favorite nail polishes to wear this time of the year. I hope you enjoyed this fun blog post :) If you haven't seen my latest video about all test fabulous nail polishes, then please feel free to watch it here:

Thank you so much for the support! 'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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