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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Vampire Diaries Inspired Costume: Elena Gilbert

Hello everyone!! It's late night as I am writing this. Yesterday was Halloween (aka my favorite holiday evaaaaa) and I decided to still film! I recorded my very first "Get Ready With Me Video." I decided that I wanted to share my last minute DIY costume. I am OBSESSED with the Vampire Diaries. I just cannot get enough of that show. *Spoiler Alert* The newest season she is actually a vampire! Something I didn't think was going to happen. I'm enjoying watching her journey and going through the new and extreme emotions of vampire Elena! She's so gorgeous, even when she's in her blood thirsty state! I really wanted to capture the look she gets when she needs to feed. This was my best attempt, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with the way it came out!
I just improvised and 99% of the products I used were already laying around at home.
Elena's style is pretty simple, so I was able to pick out things I already owned. Even though she's a vampire, she does still wear necklace accessories. She also wears a lot of long sleeves, so I wore that as well with a pair of jeans and sneakers.
I bought fake blood for $0.99 at Walgreens the day of. I smeared it on my mouth to give that "just fed" look. That stuff stains like a mother though!
I had so much fun with this look! I even scared my mom haha! Since this was the first creative thing I've done makeup wise, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :)

If you haven't watched my latest video with me getting made up for this look, please feel free to watch it here!

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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