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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My First Julep Maven Box

Helloooo beauties!!! You know how I love my boxes ;) This one is called Julep, and I'm taking it for a test drive! Julep is a monthly subscription that let's you try out the latest nail trends. You take a style quiz, pick out a box you like and BAM. They cost about $19.99 a month. The reason I tested this out was because I has a code to get an introductory box for a penny! I did have to pay $3.99 shipping, totaling the whole transaction to four bucks. Like other services, you can skip a month or cancel altogether. Enough with all the info, let's dig in to the box!
My style quiz suggested certain colors for me, but I didn't like them. So I decided to get the BOHO GLAM box. This came with two polishes, cuticle oil, and two surprise glitter pots.
Sprinkle these babies to your wet nails and you're good to go. I appreciate the red glitter, but I wish they would have sent me two different colors.
This cuticle oil is awesome because it has a roller ball, and it lets just the perfect amount out. It has a citrus scent and it works pretty well.
I really love both of these colors. They're so perfect for this time of the year! They both went on really smooth, and didn't leave a streaky mess. They also dried fairly quickly.
This Toni color is a nice mixture of purple and mauve. It is so simple and almost understated. I absolutely LOVE this.
I would consider this Michelle color to be a midnight blue. It's so dark that in some lights it actually looks black. I don't normally go for blues, but this blue is so deep and gorgeous!
I also thought the sides of these polish bottles were adorable!

So the real question for me to find out: Is this worth the price? It's expensive, but then you are getting a few items. The real test for me is the quality of the polish. I'm interested in seeing if this is some miraculously nail polish or what. I will know my answer very soon! I'll update my blog on my final thoughts on the quality of this polish.

Please feel free to watch my video on the unboxing of Julep right here:

Thank you guys so much for the support!! 'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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