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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mini Review: Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

Hey beauties!!! It's review time! This blog will be about the Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit. This kit was sent to me completely complimentary from Influenster, for the purpose of testing and reviewing. Some of you may notice that this was another product from my Beauty Blogger VoxBox - which I LOVED! This will solely be a review based on my own experience and opinion :) Let's get started!
These lashes are in the style 05. The starter kit comes with a pair of lashes (100% human hair), a tweezer for application, and easy to use glue (latex free). This kit retails for about $4.99.
What I love about this kit is that it's intended to be used by beginners. Prior to this kit, I have never owned any lashes - nor have I applied them. The back of the box shows you three easy steps. First, cut the lashes if they are too long for your eye shape. I have big a** eyes, so that wasn't a problem for me! Next, take the easy to use glue and apply it to the line of the lashes - adding extra to the ends. Make sure you let it dry up for 30-60 seconds. Then you take the applicator and carefully place and adjust the lash as needed and let dry.

This video was actually my very first time applying these lashes! You can see how easy it was to use. I did the first one perfectly, and then I messed up the other haha 

Since then, I have used the lashes quite a bit. It really does look like the picture on the box.
I noticed that after the first time, I didn't love the applicator as much. I ended up just using my fingers the next times I used it, and I found it much easier. The glue does last all day. It's definitely latex free because I am allergic to latex and had no problems with the glue. The lashes are also easy to remove after you've used eye makeup remover to remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner.
These lashes are very pretty and very, very dramatic. They're actually much more dramatic in person than they are in photos. They're fun to use for girls night out when I want to really go glam and over the top, but the style is a little dramatic for me for everyday use. Since I have big eyes, I feel like they really emphasize the large size of my eyes when I wear them. 
Like I said, in the pictures it doesn't look so dramatic. In fact you're probably wondering what I'm fussing about ^_^ I think the fact that I already have naturally long eyelashes (especially with mascara) that the lashes aren't necessary for me. In person, the style of these lashes makes me look like I'm trying a little too hard.

Overall, I really enjoyed using these lashes. I definitely can re-use these lashes a bunch more times for those special nights. Removing the glue from them is very simple. I'm really pleased that the product matches the description of the box. It lasts all day, and it's so easy to use for beginners! I also think the price isn't bad, especially since you an get so many uses from them.

That's it for my review! Pretty straight forward. I hope this has helped, and please feel free to ask me any of your questions.

'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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