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Monday, October 8, 2012

Talk About A Steal!

Well Howdy! You guys know I love a good deal. I believe that fashion can always be affordable. Ladies have a much easier time shopping for more items with less money than males do, because we have so many options out there. While I do believe that it's totally cool to splurge more on staple pieces for an investment in your wardrobe, sometimes a girl just needs to nab some great deals! Who doesn't love to save, right? With that being said, I wanted to share my latest shoe purchases. I had been looking for decent flats lately, but I didn't want to pay a lot for them. Call me cheap, if you will :) I just so happened to stumble upon these fabulous flats for cheap and then cheaper! Let's break it down.

I nabbed these babies from none other than Ross. Normally, I have a really hard time shoe shopping at Ross because my size is always bare. I happened to go at the right time to find these sparkling beauties! They were only $12.99, so I HAD to get them.
What I love about the shoes is the material. It sparkles in the sun, but it doesn't have glitter on it. The shiny and intricate weaving of the plastic threads gives it the shiny/shimmering illusion. These flats can be dressed up or dressed down, perfect for many looks.

I nabbed these babies on my first visit to Cotton On. My good friend Mamaloveee was raving about this place, because she got a bunch of clothes there for dirt cheap. When I checked out the shoe section to scope out the flats, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the tag read "$5.00." What?? $5?? This has to be a mistake. 

We've all been seeing the cap-toe trend for quite some time. In fact, it has been around in fashion in the past. Now, I've been on the fence about the cap-toe. Mainly because I've seen it on pointy toe stilettos, and I'm not a huge fan of pointy-toed stilettos. On this shoe, I love it because of the round tip. I also love the black on black. The shiny black cap-toe on the faux leather flat is subtle, but sophisticated. For only $5, how could I NOT get it??

These babies are also from Cotton On. These cream colored flats are basic, but can be worn with so many colors. I love the cheetah print on the inside! BUT when I went to checkout, these flats rang up to ONLY $2!!!! I could not believe that. If that isn't a steal, I don't know what is then.

I do also want to add that if you're not used to wearing flats, there are a few things I'd recommend. First, if you know you are going to be walking around for hours at a time, I wouldn't recommend wearing ballet flats. Because they are so tight on the feet to fit and stay in place, your skin is constantly rubbing on the inside of the shoe. The back of our heels are very sensitive, and can bruise or even scab if these shoes are worn for long periods of time. Trust me, I know from experience! Also, I'd buy the Dr. Scholl's tape for the inside of the shoe. Place a strip right where the back of your foot would rub. Using a bandaid on your feet before you put on the shoe might even help prevent irritation. However, putting a bandaid on after bruising and then wearing the flats will not help much. At the point, you'll just need to give the ballet flats a break for a few days. I thought I'd add those points, since that's something ladies don't really talk about. It happens a lot though! I hope that helps :)

You just might see one of these babies featured in an outfit look soon! 'Til next time loves, MUAH!

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