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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jewelmint x 2!

Hey beauties :) Not too long ago I made a post about my first Jewelmint purchase. To me, Jewelmint was a bit pricey for $29.99 a month, even though they do have the option for you to skip months. I bought a bracelet to that was on sale to test out whether I thought the price was worth it in the long run. I immediately loved the bracelet and wore it all the time. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the tarnish to appear, and the gold plating starting rubbing off :( I still wear it, but eventually I won't be able to. That really bums me out! So that brings me to September. I had all these awesome celebrations going on with my birthday in the beginning of the month, that I totally forgot to "skip" September. So, my credit card got charged the $29.99. I figured I'd save the credit for a rainy day, until I got an email from Jewelmint saying they were having a two day sale for "Buy two for the price of one." I had to snag this deal. So these are the pieces I got!

This is the Timeless Cuff. It's a really beautiful dark brunswick green color. The gold plated piece is supposed to resemble a watch, but without the time. 

I was surprised that the faux leather is a bit flimsy and thin. However, I do think this is a really interesting piece and the color will be perfect for fall and winter outfits.
This has to be my favorite Jewelmint piece that I own!
This Baroque Bloom Necklace is vintage inspired. I love vintage jewelry, so this was a must have for me. I love the dark metal and femininity of this necklace. I also love the two dark brown/transparent beads, as well as the pink accent stones.
This type of statement necklace looks great on either bare skin or over the fabric of a blouse. It adds instant vintage glamour to any look.

Overall, I still think a lot of Jewelmint pieces are a bit pricey, especially for the quality. However, the packaging is always superb and the pieces tend to be unique. My best advice is to watch out for their specials from their emails. A lot of the times they'll have items on sale, or they'll sell you two or more for a bis discount. Sometimes they even throw in a limited edition gift, which you cannot buy from their website. I hope that helps!! If you haven't seen my latest video, please watch it here!

Thank you so much for the support!!! 'Til next time, MUAH!

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