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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty Blogger VoxBox!

Hellooooo beautiful people :) I am more than excited to be back with an Influenster VoxBox! This is my third VoxBox, and it's the Beauty Blogger VoxBox. You guys know I love beauty products, and I love blogging! So I was more than thrilled to receive this complimentary box for the purpose of reviewing from Influenster! If you didn't know, Influenster has re-launched their website. The big thing is that all of the Influenster members now have a score from 1-100, based on activity. The more you post, share, review, answer questions, complete surveys, etc - the higher your score goes! With all the new activities added, increasing your score is fun and easy! You want to be as high of a number as possible, because it will increase your chance for receiving a VoxBox or other programs! Now that I've updated you, let's jump into the box!
Oooo La La!
The first product is by EBOOST, and these are effervescent powders. By simply adding this packet to water, you'll get a dose of essential vitamins for immunity and energy. Best of all, there's no crash. This is in the flavor orange. A pack of 20 retails for about $28, a pack of 30 is $39, and a box of 12 shots is $39 also. Unfortunately, I couldn't test this out because it has a few punctures in it. I didn't want to risk it just for the sake of reviewing.
Second product is by Not Your Mother's. This is the Frizz Control Hair Cream. It's infused with silk and coconut extracts. You would simply apply a blob full onto your damp hair, and then proceed to blow dry. This is definitely a product I could use because my hair gets really frizzy.
I was way too excited over this! This is the Pumpkin Cupcake mini candle from none other than Bath & Body Works!! Like many girls, I LOVE candles. This one is perfect for Fall!! It just smells so amazing and gets me in the mood for the holiday season! The mini candle retails for $3.50. Bath & Body Works was also kind enough to send us a coupon for $10 off a 3-wick candle!! What could be better?!
Next we have the Simple Styles Spin Pin by Goody. Instead of using a bunch of bobby pins for bun hairstyles, using just these two is supposed to do the job! I happen to love bun hairstyles since they're quick and easy, so I hope these spin pins work for me! This pack retails for about $7.29.
Yaaaay makeup!!! This palette is by NYC (New York Color) and it's the IndividualEyes Custom Compact.
This is the 938 Union Square palette, made specifically for those who have brown eyes. As you can see, it even gives you suggestions on where to use the colors. I really love the purple color. It's a beautiful plum color that I'm excited to play with, and I think it'll go great with my eye color.
I did do swatches of all four colors, just to give you an idea of the pigmentation. The shadows were very smooth, but they do seem rather thin. I wouldn't say they were super pigmented. I think to achieve more of a dramatic look with the plum color, it'll be best to layer on the color.
Last but not least, this is the Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit by Kiss. This kit is intended to be used by eyelash noobs, such as myself. It's in the style 05, and it comes with the lash applicator and glue also.
It comes with 3 simple steps on the back. I love the full eyelash look that these lashes give. It doesn't appear to be as too much, since I always opt for my natural lashes anyways. These lashes are made from 100% human hair, so it will look very realistic. I never use false lashes since my own eyelashes are pretty long, but I am excited to use these for those special glam nights out with the girls!!

Overall, I'm more than happy with this box. I feel so thankful to Influenster and these brands for giving me the opportunity to review these products for free. My favorite products in this box are the Kiss lashes, the NYC palette, and of course the Pumpkin Cupcake mini candle!

Feel free to check back here, as I will be updating this as I continue to test these products out and form an opinion. If you haven't seen my Beauty Blogger VoxBox video on YouTube, please feel free to watch it here!

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!!

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