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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mini Elf Haul and Demo

Hey loves! I recently made an online e.l.f. purchase and I wanted to share it with you! I had my eye on a $3 brush that isn't sold in our local Targets here. However, I did not want to pay $6.95 shipping for a $3 brush. So I waited until e.l.f. had one of their infamous promotions - free shipping for $15 and over orders. I didn't have to wait too long, since they do it so often! So I bought $15 worth of e.l.f. products and got my free shipping :) So let's see why I bought!
The items arrived in this cute see-through drawstring bag that has elf all over it. I thought it was a great bag that I could reuse for traveling purposes! 
I bought a total of 6 items for just $15! What a steal!
The first item is a basic Eyeshadow Brush that was only a dollar. It has a rounded tip. There are a lot of bristles in the brush, that makes it easier to pack on the eyeshadow with little fall-out. It's not the best brush, but it's not bad for just a dollar either.
This is the Bronzing Brush that was also a dollar. It intended to be used for sculpting with bronzer, blush, or highlight. I love the reddish-brownish color of the brush. I figure that this brush would be great to start learning how to apply blush :)
Next up is the Powder Brush. This is the whole reason I made this purchase! It was only three dollars. You can use it for applying liquid or powder foundation. I use it with my liquid foundation and it honestly blends like a dream! It sped up my foundation process!! I am extremely pleased with this brush and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
This is the Kabuki Face Brush. I believe it was about $6. It's pretty soft. I have been eyeing kabuki brushes for a while. I thought they'd be perfect for applying translucent powder for those extra oily times. So time will tell if I think that product was worth it or not. But either way, I don't think you can beat the price.
Next up is the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. For just a dollar, I had to scoop this up. This was my first eyeliner pen purchase. I really like the pen, especially for winging out my liner. The liner lasts all day and doesn't smudge. The felt is very thin, which makes it twice as long to apply your liner. It's also so thin that the tip starts to bend, and it even dries out a bit until you keep smudging it. For a dollar, I can't really complain. I do think that making the felt tip thicker would make this product almost perfect.
The last item from my purchase is the Mineral Infused Mascara. It costs only $3. I LOOOOVE this mascara!!! This is my second time purchasing this product. The applicator is fabulous because it has silicone bristles, which helps really separate your lashes better. The formula is very thing and lightweight, which I love. It gives me an enhanced - yet natural looking touch to my lashes :)
So those are all the products! If you haven't watched my latest video about these products, then please feel free to watch it here!! I actually do demos of these products in the video :)

Thank you so much for all the support!!! 'Til next time!! MUAH

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