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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Zoya Nail Polish

Hey beauties!! I'm back to review another product. This time it's a nail polish from the Zoya Feel Collection. I've never owned a polish from Zoya, but I've been really curious about them. They're about $8 each, but I had Birchbox points to redeem from Birchbox.com, so I figure why not use my points to try it! Now let's get the fun started with some pics!!

This was after applying just two coats. As you can see, it's a very beautiful purple/grayish pastel color. I have been wanting to add this color to my collection for quite some time now!! The polish isn't streaky at all. It's very pigmented, and it drives pretty quickly.
This is in the color Carey from the Zoya Feel Collection.

This was my second week using this color, so I wanted to jazz it up by adding a touch of sparkle. I took my polish from ICE in Pure Ice Busted that I bought from Walmart, took a triangular cosmetic sponge, and created an ombre-looking ice effect on the tips of my nails.

The effect is so subtle, but it looks so pretty in person! I did the same thing I would do if I was trying to achieve a regular ombre effect. I took the cosmetic sponge and started lightly dabbing the polish on from the tip and moving upward, about 3/4 of the nail. Then I'd apply a second coat with the sponge, but to the tip only. This gives a gradient effect. I chose this color because it is so subtle, yet very beautiful on the Carey color!

I topped it off with this top coat from Sally's Beauty Supply. This top coat dries very quickly!

Here is the finished product!!

Overall, I really love the Zoya polish. The color is beautiful. It's the type of color that I feel would be fine to where for any season since it's a pastel, yet it has that hint of gray to it that can go with darker looks. I think the quality of the polish is fantastic. It comes off SO easily with the nail polish remover. When it finally chips, the chip is so tiny that it's really not even noticeable. I'm loving the Zoya polishes and I'll definitely be buying more in the future!! I hope this review/look helped you or even inspired you to ply around and have fun with your polishes :) Til next times loves!! MUAH!
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