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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mini Elf Haul and Demo

Hey loves! I recently made an online e.l.f. purchase and I wanted to share it with you! I had my eye on a $3 brush that isn't sold in our local Targets here. However, I did not want to pay $6.95 shipping for a $3 brush. So I waited until e.l.f. had one of their infamous promotions - free shipping for $15 and over orders. I didn't have to wait too long, since they do it so often! So I bought $15 worth of e.l.f. products and got my free shipping :) So let's see why I bought!
The items arrived in this cute see-through drawstring bag that has elf all over it. I thought it was a great bag that I could reuse for traveling purposes! 
I bought a total of 6 items for just $15! What a steal!
The first item is a basic Eyeshadow Brush that was only a dollar. It has a rounded tip. There are a lot of bristles in the brush, that makes it easier to pack on the eyeshadow with little fall-out. It's not the best brush, but it's not bad for just a dollar either.
This is the Bronzing Brush that was also a dollar. It intended to be used for sculpting with bronzer, blush, or highlight. I love the reddish-brownish color of the brush. I figure that this brush would be great to start learning how to apply blush :)
Next up is the Powder Brush. This is the whole reason I made this purchase! It was only three dollars. You can use it for applying liquid or powder foundation. I use it with my liquid foundation and it honestly blends like a dream! It sped up my foundation process!! I am extremely pleased with this brush and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
This is the Kabuki Face Brush. I believe it was about $6. It's pretty soft. I have been eyeing kabuki brushes for a while. I thought they'd be perfect for applying translucent powder for those extra oily times. So time will tell if I think that product was worth it or not. But either way, I don't think you can beat the price.
Next up is the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. For just a dollar, I had to scoop this up. This was my first eyeliner pen purchase. I really like the pen, especially for winging out my liner. The liner lasts all day and doesn't smudge. The felt is very thin, which makes it twice as long to apply your liner. It's also so thin that the tip starts to bend, and it even dries out a bit until you keep smudging it. For a dollar, I can't really complain. I do think that making the felt tip thicker would make this product almost perfect.
The last item from my purchase is the Mineral Infused Mascara. It costs only $3. I LOOOOVE this mascara!!! This is my second time purchasing this product. The applicator is fabulous because it has silicone bristles, which helps really separate your lashes better. The formula is very thing and lightweight, which I love. It gives me an enhanced - yet natural looking touch to my lashes :)
So those are all the products! If you haven't watched my latest video about these products, then please feel free to watch it here!! I actually do demos of these products in the video :)

Thank you so much for all the support!!! 'Til next time!! MUAH

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Glamour Birchbox

Hey beauties! It's that time of the month again where I share my monthly samples from Birchbox! Last month I was pretty unhappy with the items in my box, so this month I was very anxious to see if July would redeem itself. Let's start with the box itself!
I LOVED how the box looked!!! Too cute with the 5 different nail polish colors. This month Birchbox linked up with Glamour magazine to used the "5 senses of summer" (smell it, touch it, taste it, hear it, see it) to pick out the products in this box. 
Right when I opened the box I was already so excited!
The first thing I noticed right away were these ear buds. This was a "Birchbox Exclusive." I love the pretty blue and neon pink buds! It's so girly and stylish! They're not stellar in quality of course, but they really are too adorable :)

The next thing I noticed was this snack bar, Uber by Larabar. This was the roasted nut roll. It contains many different nuts and is gluten free, non-gmo, and kosher. It smelled like caramel popcorn and was SO DELICIOUS!!! The nuts tasted so fresh...I've never had a snack bar like that before. AMAZING!
Next product is by Manna Kadar, and this is the Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion. This shimmery lotion can be used with foundation, used as a highlight or even bronzer. As you can see, it exploded once I began to open it. That was disappointing, but the product was beautiful. I rubbed it on my shoulders and it gave me such a beautiful and healthy glow!! I like to use it on my cheeks as a subtle touch of something extra.
Now it's time to get inside the wrapped bag :)
The first products I noticed were by Suki. This 5-pack balancing kit is an all-in-one set that calms and purifies troubled skin. I didn't really enjoy this kit. The exfoliate cleanser was nice and had a strong lemon scent. The concentrated nourishing toner felt refreshing on my skin, but I didn't like the scent. The balancing daily lotion did not make my skin oily, but the scent was strange and way too strong for me. It also made my skin burn a little.
The scent of the month is by Harvey Prince, and it's called Eau Flirt. This scent layers fresh citrus, jasmine, lavender and pumpkin. It's supposed to be a flirty and seductive scent, and I'd agree that it is!! Normally I don't care too much for the scents that Birchbox sends out, but I actually happened to LOOOOOVE this scent!! I also got compliments wearing it, so that's a bonus!
Next up is by Gloss Moderne, and this is the High-Gloss Masque. This is a vitamin-rich conditioning hair mask that is meant to restore bouncy and shine. For me, the masque did not wow me. I've felt more of an effect from regular conditioners than this treatment.
Last product is by Color Club, and it's in the color Blue-Ming. It's a beautiful green-turquoise color, and I LOVE it!! I don't have a color like this in my collection, and I have never tried this brand before. I was a bit disappointed on the quality. Two coats was not enough with this polish. After two coats it was still looking streaky and translucent in certain areas. For the price of this brand, I expected more. I much prefer Zoya or Essie over this.

So overall, I am extremely happy with this month's box! I am very happy with every item. The only item that I am least looking forward to is the Suki face balancing kit, just because I get nervous trying out new products on my face. For me, Birchbox definitely redeemed itself this month and I really look forward to using these products all month - except for the Larabar because I already devoured it haha! If you haven't seen my latest video on this box, please watch it here :)

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my videos! Your support really means a lot to me!! 'Til next time loves! MUAH

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Beauty VoxBox

Hey beauties! I'm very happy to be sharing my second voxbox from Influenster. This is the Summer Beauty box. I was once again very pleased with all the products that came!! Let's get into the products!

This is the Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut bread. It's made with real almonds and you can put it in the microwave for a warm and chewy snack! It was very soft and delicious! Loved the nuts too. It gave it a homemade taste!
This is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30. It has 12-hour moisturizer and broad UVA and UVB protection. It's silky smooth and felt great on my skin!
Next we have the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner. This works by focusing on your scalp, rather than your ends. This left my hair smelling sooo good!! It has never had the smoothness that it gave from any shampoo I've ever tried before.
It's supposed to make your hair stronger within 7 days. I'd agree and say it does! Definitely worth the price and definitely better than the other shampoos, in my opinion :)
This is the Sally Hansen Nails and Cuticles Creme. It contains shea butter and works by locking in moisture and softening your hands and cuticles. It instantly made my dry hands and cuticles look healthy! The scent was pleasant, and reminded me of lemon or some type of citrus scent.

MY FAVORITE item in the box!! This is the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 906 Ionic Indigo. This was of fun to use! Full review coming soon :)
Last item in the box was the Tampax and Always Radiant Collection.
It has an adorable pink and purple little bag that is perfect to hide your feminine products discretely. Inside the bag came two tampons, two liners, a thin pad, and coupons for these products. All the items were quite comfortable! I have no complaints, especially since this is my favorite brand :)

Overall, I'm very excited about all these items! Once again, Influenster has given me another reason to love their program!! I will be updating this blog as the week goes by and I test these all out :) If you haven't seen my latest video about these products, feel free to watch it here!

Thank you so much for all the support!! Til next time<3 MUAH!!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

60s Inspired Outfit of the Day

Hey beauties! This time I'm back talking about one of my main loves, fashion!! I have always been so awed and inspired by films from the 60s. One of the things I love most is to watch the fashion among women. From the way they wore their hair, to their style of makeup, to their daring clothes, this era was all about trying new things. I associate this era with the word "chic." I was so intrigued by this beautiful mint top I purchased because it reminded me of the 60s. I ended up building my entire look around the top, and I am pretty pleased with the results :) Here is my makeup and hair from this look:

To check out my entire outfit, you can watch my latest video here :)

Thank you so much for the support!! Til next time, MUAH

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Zoya Nail Polish

Hey beauties!! I'm back to review another product. This time it's a nail polish from the Zoya Feel Collection. I've never owned a polish from Zoya, but I've been really curious about them. They're about $8 each, but I had Birchbox points to redeem from Birchbox.com, so I figure why not use my points to try it! Now let's get the fun started with some pics!!

This was after applying just two coats. As you can see, it's a very beautiful purple/grayish pastel color. I have been wanting to add this color to my collection for quite some time now!! The polish isn't streaky at all. It's very pigmented, and it drives pretty quickly.
This is in the color Carey from the Zoya Feel Collection.

This was my second week using this color, so I wanted to jazz it up by adding a touch of sparkle. I took my polish from ICE in Pure Ice Busted that I bought from Walmart, took a triangular cosmetic sponge, and created an ombre-looking ice effect on the tips of my nails.

The effect is so subtle, but it looks so pretty in person! I did the same thing I would do if I was trying to achieve a regular ombre effect. I took the cosmetic sponge and started lightly dabbing the polish on from the tip and moving upward, about 3/4 of the nail. Then I'd apply a second coat with the sponge, but to the tip only. This gives a gradient effect. I chose this color because it is so subtle, yet very beautiful on the Carey color!

I topped it off with this top coat from Sally's Beauty Supply. This top coat dries very quickly!

Here is the finished product!!

Overall, I really love the Zoya polish. The color is beautiful. It's the type of color that I feel would be fine to where for any season since it's a pastel, yet it has that hint of gray to it that can go with darker looks. I think the quality of the polish is fantastic. It comes off SO easily with the nail polish remover. When it finally chips, the chip is so tiny that it's really not even noticeable. I'm loving the Zoya polishes and I'll definitely be buying more in the future!! I hope this review/look helped you or even inspired you to ply around and have fun with your polishes :) Til next times loves!! MUAH!
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