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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey loves! Today, the topic is the "Sally Hansen Salon Effects." I wanted to make a special blog post about this complimentary product for review purposes for Influenster. I have been admiring this product for a while, and I was so thankful to have received it for free from Influenster :) In case you don't know, these nail strips are made from real nail polish. They also come off just like nail polish, by using nail polish remover. There's no dry time, it lasts up to 10 days, and there are over 40 different styles to choose from! So let me take you through the easy process in pictures :)
So I told you guys in my last blog post that I received the nail polish strips in 440 Animal Instinct, which is a pink and black zebra print - with a slight hint of shimmer in the pink.
Inside the packaging, there are two packs of nail strips - one for each hand. Then there is a cuticle pusher and a nail file.
It comes with a set on instructions so you'll know exactly what to. You'll want to take the white side of the file and buff out any roughness of the surface of your nails.

Next, you'll want to go over your nails one more time with the nail polish remover. This just makes sure that all of the dirt is removed, so that your manicure can last as long as possible.
Now open on of the packs and spread them apart. I started with my pinky, since it tells you to do your thumbs last. I took the smallest one and I carefully peeled it off and gently broke the end off. Then you'll want to hold it to your nail to see which end fits the shape of your cuticle best.
Gently place the end up to your cuticle and make sure it'll fit your entire nail. If it's not wide enough, gently stretch horizontally until it fits your nail perfectly. If it's too wide, gently stretch the nail vertical and it is the right width. Once you are comfortable with the size, gently smooththe strip over your entire nail. Start from the cuticle and work your way up to the tip of your nail. Make sure it is as smooth as possible. Next, gently rub the strip over the end of your nail so that the nail strip looks bent, because you are getting ready to file the excess off.
Once you have smoothed the tip of your nail completely, take the light pink side of the file and gently file until the strip breaks off. I recommend started from One end, the the other end, and then the middle. That helped my achieve a very clean look. Your nail should look like this after you have filed it off. I then recommend you to smooth your fingers over the end of your nail, just to make sure nothing is poking out.

Repeat these steps to all of your nails. Here is the finished look! I actually add another step, which is totally optional. I took my favorite top coat and applied it over the nail strips. The reason I did this was so add extra security and to seal the borders of the strips onto my nails.

Overall, I am really impressed with this product. This as my first time using it and it came out amazing! My advice is don't rush. Take your time to make sure everything goes smoothly. It really looks like I got my nails professionally done at the salon. Instead, I did it myself! Now I understand what all the fuss is about ;) I will definitely buy more of these strips and try out the different patterns<33
Until next time loves!! MUAH

*UPDATE: This is my 6th day wearing them. There's a tiny bit of wear at the tip of the nail, but it's not even noticeable. I have a tiny chip on one of my nails, but that was because I hit my nail on something really hard on accident ^_^ Other than that, my nails still look the same as these pics!! Phenomenal product<3


This was my 10th day wearing these nails. As you can see, there was only a little bit of wear on the tip of the nail. I could not believe how long these nail strips lasted!! I'm not sure if added an extra toap coat was what kept these strips on for so long, but they are definitely worth busy. It was also very easy to take them off the with nail polish remover. Hope this review helped you out!!<3
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