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Monday, February 20, 2012

That's a Wrap On Jezebel's House!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share that last night the cast and crew of Jezebel's House called it a wrap! We finished filming all of our scenes last night. The last two days of filming were so fun because we were all so excited to give it our all and finish on a great note. It's honestly been so fun working on this project. I have seen some of the footage and I was sooo excited. I'm very nervous for everyone to see it only because I am my biggest critic! Seeing and hearing myself makes me cringe haha but hopefully the audience can enjoy my performance, as well as the other characters. I'm definitely the one with the least experience on set at all times, but I really pushed myself to get inside the mind of Jezebel. I just hope that my performance comes across exactly the way Dante envisioned this all from the start. So I bet you guys are all wondering, when is this coming out? We still have to record our audio for the entire film. So after that and after the score is added I will definitely be letting everyone know. So stay tuned because there's so much more to see!! Oh AND if you haven't liked out Fan Page of Facebook, please do so(http://www.facebook.com/jezebelmovie#!/jezebelmovie)! We already have over 1200 likes thanks to every one's support! Also you should sign up for the mailing list on the website http://www.jezebelmovie.com/ in order to get the latest updates right away.

Oh and I'm in wallpaper form!!!

Check out the website for MORE wallpapers that you can download!! Yeah, I know you want me as your background on your computer ^_^ It's the gun right?

'Til next time you guys!! MUAH!!

p.s. I'm trying to trend #JezebelsHouse on Twitter ;)
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome To Jezebel's House

Hey Hey Heyyy!! That's my Fat Albert impression for the day ^_^ I'm back for another exciting update! As my friends all know, I've been working on a top secret project that I could not tell anyone a single detail of. Now I'm finally able to tell everyone that myself and others have been working very hard on a film called Jezebel's House. We have about two more days of filming and then it's off to the cutting room! Did I even say that right?? You know what I mean :P I hope lol. So I play the character of Jezebel! When I read the script for this project, I was so fascinated by the plot and complexity of the characters. I'm really excited for you guys to start seeing photos and behind the scenes shots. I've already seen a preview of the film and I'm so pumped up about it!! So if you guys loveee me like I think you do, then check out the website!


And aaand if you super duperrr love me (or even like me just a little bit) then please go "Like" our page on Facebook!!


And one more thing! Subscribe early to the YouTube channel:


Thank you everyone in advance for all the support!!! <333 And stay tuned because there's lots more to see ;)
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