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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Got Naked

Hey friends!  And hello YouTubers!  Today's post is about my latest video from my MissPurpleP channel.  My bestest friend Jamie got me the Urban Decay Naked Palette that lots of people have been raving about.  I definitely had my eye on this and was so ecstatic and thankful that this was given to me as a gift! Even though I made a brief video about this, my camera doesn't focus.  So I figured I'd post pictures here on my blog :)

This was shipped from Ulta, so it also came with some great samples. 

First sample was the Beckham Signature perfume.  It's purple too so yay!!  It smells pretty good :)

Next sample was the perfume from Dior, J'adore.  Oh...my...goodness...smells amazing!!!

The last sample I got was a hair mask from Fekkai, which I'm super excited to try!  I love hair masks or anything that helps repairing damaged hair.

So now you've seen my photos, hopefully you'll go watch my video on my channel!  Thanks so much for the support MUAH!
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