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Monday, October 3, 2011

Shorts and Babies!

Hello Hello!  This time it hasn't been toooo long since I last posted, so yay for progress!  This one is going to be much shorter.  I figured I'd give an update on the things I've been doing lately.  So the past week has been amazing.  I got to continue working in the desert on the "Terran War" with Virren Orr.  This time Ivan Minier was along to also direct and film, which was great since he was the first person I made a short with!  Last post I showed you photos from the shoot that day.  Well, my character was too cute so she got re-vamped!  She looks nothing like the photos from my last post.  I even got to wear a wig!  That was really fun and I just really enjoyed the costume change because it took me out of my comfort zone.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Mel Heuberg and her brother Matt on another short.  Mel was so nice!  I wasn't too pleased with my work yesterday because I ended up looking like an ice princess - even tho I was supposed to look really excited!  LOL.  It was a lesson learned and I'll just have to work on more ways to exaggerate my excitement for close ups next time.  I also (crossing my fingers) might have another short film opportunity coming up.  I read the script for it and I really love it.  So hopefully that works out!  Switching gears, I've been SOOOO happy because my friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!!  She is honestly just so precious.  I'm so proud of my friend.  Through her pregnancy and the birth and even now, she is just doing an awesome job!  I don't know how she does it!  So yeah that's my summarized update of what I've been up to recently.  I'm really looking forward to the rest of this year and the possibilities :)  As always, thanks for reading!
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