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Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthdays, Secret YouTube vids, and Short Films

Hey y'all!  Oh man, I haven't blogged in a whiiiiile!!!  I gotta get better at this blogging thing lol.  Anyways, since it's been forever since I have posted a blog, I guess I should just summarize what's been going on with me since the last time I updated everyone.  As far as the series goes, filming for that has been great.  I've had tons of fun on and off set and I'm just excited to still be working on it.  All the of the cast and crew is working pretty hard trying to make great work for everyone to see.  I just hope that we get to film all eight episodes because I really want to play out the whole transition of my character "Kayli."  Switching gears for a sec, I did just celebrate my birthday about a week ago :) I had about a few days of celebrating it (not including the gifts I got in advance from my east coast trip).  Oh yeah, a few weeks ago I spent about a week and a half in the eact coast.  I went to Batimore, Philadelphia, a city (which name I forgot) in Virginia, Washington D.C., and NEW YORK BABY!  Of course, NYC was my favorite!  Just can't get enough of that city.  Oh yeah, while I was in Batlimore, I experienced my first earthquake that rock the east coast.  That was scary!  Overall I had tons of fun and I went to places I've never seen before.  Being out there, a lot of the times I was kind of in the country part of Baltimore.  It was realy calm and quiet, which gave me a lot of time to think.  When I came back to Vegas of course, I jumped right into the madness.  But back to my birthday, it was so much fun!!!  This year I've really been so appreciative of my friends and I really can't thank them enough for what they did for me.  I honestly have the best and most supportive people in my life, and I don't take any of them for granted for one second.  Jumping back a little bit, I had been thinking a lot on what would be the next project I would jump into, as far as acting goes.  Working on the series has given me a chance to really observe other actors.  I've noticed that everyone seems to be doing 10 things at once.  That's something I greatly admire.  Their hustle and drive, not to mention passion, just keeps them going and constantly working.  I knew that at some point I needed to make the leap and step out of my comfort zone and step into a new project with new people.  Luckily, I was contacted by someone I had previously met who was interested in me being an actress in their short.  I quickly accepted!  Just this past weekend I worked with an amazing cast and crew on a sci fi short called the "Terran War."  It's directed by Virren Orr.  I love my character so much.  I can't wait to go back on that set and finish my dialogue scenes! Oo I also wanna add that I received a Flip camera for my birthday, which is awesome!  I've been using it so much that I killed off the first set of batteries ^_^ I've also been using it to make videos for my secret YouTube page that about 3 people (you know who you are) happen to know about haha.  Maybe one day when I get the courage, I'll let people I know see the random videos I post up.  Until theeeen, check out these pics from filming the "Terran War" over the weekend :)

P.S. I will try to start posting at least once a week updates so that I'm not rambling all at once hehe ^_^ 
Thank you guys so much for reading about my random life!  I appreciate it so much!
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