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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Kayli's Day" Short Film Debut!!!

Hey guys!  Eeek I'm so excited I can't type fast enough.  So earlier tonight I went to Rusty Meyer's wrap party, where our directors of the Fall Series Dante Fortson and Stanford Greenlee premiered our Kayli's short film - just hours ago.  Now it's FINALLY on the web and I can share with you guys!!!! You guys have no idea how anxious I've been these past few weeks!!!  Okay before I get too delirious and start rambling, Ivan Minier wrote, directed, AND edited the short (or I like to say teaser :P) film.  By the way, he rocks!!!  This short is also featuring Brooke Siffrinn, who plays "Megara."  She was really sweet, and I wish we could've continued working together.  Karl Hinkamp was also on set assisting.  He is great as well, and I had the pleasure of catching up with him today.  The short film was premiered in a room full of other actors and actresses, as well as special effects artists, directors, writers, etc.  So you can imagine how anxious I felt.  Actually, I think sitting while waiting for everyone to watch was just so nerve wracking!!!  My heart was pounding haha (I can laugh now).  I even thought to myself, "Wow, sitting here and having people watch and review this short is actually more difficult than the actual process of filming!"  I still stand by that haha.  Now I can understand why people skip premieres :P But don't worry, I won't haha.  Anyways, here I am rambling.  Why I'm SOOOO excited about this short is because it is the Perfect intro to my character.  I'm absolutely loving playing her, and I can't wait to dive in deeper into her psyche.  So  without further adieu, watch the video below!  MAke sure you share (if you LOVE me - and you better :) and share and share.  If you're not already following my blog, follow!!!  And make sure you check out www.thefallseries.com and www.thefallseries.com/retribution

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Here it is:

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