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Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Short Film? Weird Eye Phobias?

PART 1: So Wednesday was an eventful day for me.  I finally got over my contact lens fear and my optometrist is training my eyes to wear them longer everyday.  I thought it would be really weird, but the only weird part of it is that I can see everything so clearly haha it doesn't really feel like I'm wearing contacts most of the time. Putting them in is the easy part for me, but taking them out still seems to be a challenge.  Since I'm nearsighted, I still can't see clearly when things are up close while I'm wearing my contacts 0_0 so we'll see if that lasts forever or not.  So far, I actually enjoy wearing my contacts.  Go figure lol.  The ONLY reason I decided to try them out what because on set I obviously can't wear my glasses.  And when someone is directing me more than 6 feet away...I kinda can't see them haha.  And there's no way I'll be getting Lasik eye surgery anytime soon because that is still freaky to me. But enough about my weird eye phobias lol, let's get on to business.

PART 2: Before I went to get my contacts, I got up early in the morning to go do my first shoot.  Before arriving, I had a brief summary of what I'd be doing.  Then the director showed me the script and we went right into it.  There was another actress there.  She was super nice and easy to work with.  The assistant was really nice too. The purpose of the short film was to give you a preview of my character for the series.  It's basically a teaser.  It's about two minutes long.  I wish I could show it to everyone right now, but they're holding it off for a party on May 26.  The next day it will be on the series' official website.  I really hop everyone enjoys it.  Since I am under a contract, I still can't share my character or any details yet. That's why I haven't put any links to the main site.  In less than two weeks I'll be able to tell everyone my character and show you the short film and give you info on the theme and everything on this series.  So stay tuned because I have lots more in the works!
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