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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fall Series

Okay so whoaaaa!  Two blogs in one day :) I almost waited until tomorrow to post this, but I'm just too excited that I can share some new info!  Okay so in my first blog I said I was working on a top secret project.  The project is called The Fall Series.  My character's name is Kayli.  Earlier I talked about a short film I had done, well it was a short film as Kayli.  At this point, I still can't give out too many details, so I still have to be hush hush about things for a bit.  And like I said earlier, my short film will be premiering in less than two weeks!  So I'm extremely excited about that.  I know that other short films are coming soon for the other characters, and I'm so anxious to see how those turned out as well.  For now, I'll leave you guys to watch my intro interview I did for the project.  Keep in mind, I had very little sleep that day =P So like I always say, stay tuned for the next updates.  Can't wait to share more with everyone!  Oh and if you're not already following my blog, please follow me!  Also, go to  http://thefallseries.com/

And http://thefallseries.com/retribution/ for more info!

ALSOOOOOO make sure if you love me (and I hope you do!) that you go and enter your email on the website so that you can get instant updates on everything about this project.  Don't worry, they won't spam you!  It only sends you emails when they update info :) Make sure you verify your email or else you won't get anything ^_^

Oh and here's my brief intro:

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