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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Kayli's Day" Short Film Debut!!!

Hey guys!  Eeek I'm so excited I can't type fast enough.  So earlier tonight I went to Rusty Meyer's wrap party, where our directors of the Fall Series Dante Fortson and Stanford Greenlee premiered our Kayli's short film - just hours ago.  Now it's FINALLY on the web and I can share with you guys!!!! You guys have no idea how anxious I've been these past few weeks!!!  Okay before I get too delirious and start rambling, Ivan Minier wrote, directed, AND edited the short (or I like to say teaser :P) film.  By the way, he rocks!!!  This short is also featuring Brooke Siffrinn, who plays "Megara."  She was really sweet, and I wish we could've continued working together.  Karl Hinkamp was also on set assisting.  He is great as well, and I had the pleasure of catching up with him today.  The short film was premiered in a room full of other actors and actresses, as well as special effects artists, directors, writers, etc.  So you can imagine how anxious I felt.  Actually, I think sitting while waiting for everyone to watch was just so nerve wracking!!!  My heart was pounding haha (I can laugh now).  I even thought to myself, "Wow, sitting here and having people watch and review this short is actually more difficult than the actual process of filming!"  I still stand by that haha.  Now I can understand why people skip premieres :P But don't worry, I won't haha.  Anyways, here I am rambling.  Why I'm SOOOO excited about this short is because it is the Perfect intro to my character.  I'm absolutely loving playing her, and I can't wait to dive in deeper into her psyche.  So  without further adieu, watch the video below!  MAke sure you share (if you LOVE me - and you better :) and share and share.  If you're not already following my blog, follow!!!  And make sure you check out www.thefallseries.com and www.thefallseries.com/retribution

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Here it is:

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fall Series

Okay so whoaaaa!  Two blogs in one day :) I almost waited until tomorrow to post this, but I'm just too excited that I can share some new info!  Okay so in my first blog I said I was working on a top secret project.  The project is called The Fall Series.  My character's name is Kayli.  Earlier I talked about a short film I had done, well it was a short film as Kayli.  At this point, I still can't give out too many details, so I still have to be hush hush about things for a bit.  And like I said earlier, my short film will be premiering in less than two weeks!  So I'm extremely excited about that.  I know that other short films are coming soon for the other characters, and I'm so anxious to see how those turned out as well.  For now, I'll leave you guys to watch my intro interview I did for the project.  Keep in mind, I had very little sleep that day =P So like I always say, stay tuned for the next updates.  Can't wait to share more with everyone!  Oh and if you're not already following my blog, please follow me!  Also, go to  http://thefallseries.com/

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ALSOOOOOO make sure if you love me (and I hope you do!) that you go and enter your email on the website so that you can get instant updates on everything about this project.  Don't worry, they won't spam you!  It only sends you emails when they update info :) Make sure you verify your email or else you won't get anything ^_^

Oh and here's my brief intro:

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First Short Film? Weird Eye Phobias?

PART 1: So Wednesday was an eventful day for me.  I finally got over my contact lens fear and my optometrist is training my eyes to wear them longer everyday.  I thought it would be really weird, but the only weird part of it is that I can see everything so clearly haha it doesn't really feel like I'm wearing contacts most of the time. Putting them in is the easy part for me, but taking them out still seems to be a challenge.  Since I'm nearsighted, I still can't see clearly when things are up close while I'm wearing my contacts 0_0 so we'll see if that lasts forever or not.  So far, I actually enjoy wearing my contacts.  Go figure lol.  The ONLY reason I decided to try them out what because on set I obviously can't wear my glasses.  And when someone is directing me more than 6 feet away...I kinda can't see them haha.  And there's no way I'll be getting Lasik eye surgery anytime soon because that is still freaky to me. But enough about my weird eye phobias lol, let's get on to business.

PART 2: Before I went to get my contacts, I got up early in the morning to go do my first shoot.  Before arriving, I had a brief summary of what I'd be doing.  Then the director showed me the script and we went right into it.  There was another actress there.  She was super nice and easy to work with.  The assistant was really nice too. The purpose of the short film was to give you a preview of my character for the series.  It's basically a teaser.  It's about two minutes long.  I wish I could show it to everyone right now, but they're holding it off for a party on May 26.  The next day it will be on the series' official website.  I really hop everyone enjoys it.  Since I am under a contract, I still can't share my character or any details yet. That's why I haven't put any links to the main site.  In less than two weeks I'll be able to tell everyone my character and show you the short film and give you info on the theme and everything on this series.  So stay tuned because I have lots more in the works!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself...

For those of you who may not know me, I am Brittanie Vasquez.  Many people call me Britt...as well as other silly names teehee ^_^.  Those of you who do know me, might not now about what I have been up to lately.  The past year I have been doing a lot of soul searching, and I realized that I wasn't going towards anything I wanted.  For years, I was caught up in making a practical life for myself.  I started realizing that having a practical life had nothing to do with happiness...at least not for me.  So finally I realized that I had been pushing all of my hopes and dreams to the back of my head, just because I figured it wasn't possible.  It was only impossible because at the time I didn't have enough courage to admit what I secretly wanted to do in life....perform.  And by performing, I mean performing as an actress.  Growing up with parents that are entertainers, I always swore my life would be have to be the exact opposite.  Well the jokes on me because ever since realizing my dream, I can't see myself going towards anything else.  I guess entertaining is just in my blood.  I think that we've all been given different gifts, and I hope to entertain people with mine.  So there you have it guys, the cat is out the bag!  I also have been secretly working on a project, which I will soon start posting more about.  So stay tuned, and follow me on my journey :)
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