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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trend: Chrome Nails

Has anyone tried or heard of the "chrome nails" trend?

Chrome nails basically give off a mirrored effect, that so far, have not been achievable in regular polish or even gel polish. Chrome nails, or mirrored nails, are attained by using a pigment, which come in many different colors. In this years International Beauty Show, it was what every nail artist, myself included, was awwing over this new nail trend.

It's a pretty fascinating process. So first, you pick pigment color (I have three different ones displayed). The pigment will be applied to a regular gel manicure, after the top coat is applied. Whatever gel color you use, in combination with whichever pigment, will determine how your nails turn out. For example, using a white base with silver chrome pigment will give a mirror/glass effect. If a black gel base is used, in combination with a silver chrome pigment, it will create a gunmetal look. Fun, right?!

What other nail trends are you loving right now? Let me know :)
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Had To Get It: Black Friday HAUL

Hello everyone and happy December!! Vlogmas is in full effect on my YouTube channel, so I will be blogging a lot this month :) Today I wanted to share the goodies I picked up on Black Friday! Some of these were on sale...and some were not but I still wanted them ha ha
We kicked off Black Friday with a little 'ol Startbucks! Current drink of choice: Salted caramel mocha, no coffee, easy on the salt!
They have the CUTEST little ornaments right now!! I had to get this for my tree that's going to have all gold and white ornaments :) This was not on sale, of course. It was $6.95, so it was doable ^_^
I found this BEUATY from the Z Gallerie!! It was 70% off, and came up less than $6 - originally $19! What a steal! And IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
I made this mistake of thinking ALL the mugs in the Disney Store were on sale....they were not lol this mug was not on sale but it was the last one so I HAD TO GET IT! Reasonably priced at $12.95 ^_^
This Minnie Mouse mug was on sale for $9. It says MINNIE on the back, and it's so tall! It's the tallest mug I own yaaaay :) I love it so much!!
Last place we stopped at was Express. Their Black Friday sale was big because their entire store was 40% off. These shades were originally $29.90
I am SO in love with this bag right now!! It was originally $49.95
We actually had a $30 rewards credit at Express! So after the 40% discount and $30 off, the total was about $17 for both items!!! I saved $60!!! Now THAT'S A STEAL!!!

I hope everyone had a  lovely Thanksgiving :)
If you haven't already, go ahead and watch my haul here

Thank you SO much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

I Had To Get It: Patty's Closet, Chucky, Makeup HAUL

Hello loves!! It's the day before Vlogmas, and I am playing catch up with my videos on YouTube haha this was an overdue haul of items I bought a couple weeks ago. Editing my video today, I noticed that in my hauls I ALWAYS say, "I had to get it!"So, I decided to create a new series for my channel's hauls: I Had To Get It :) Fitting, right? Speaking of, let's get into this haul!
I found this AWESOME Pop! Figurine at Gamestop! Normally, my fiance drags me to that store ha ha but this time I happened to find something I just HAD to get!!! I grew up watching Chucky movies as a kid, I was a strange kid....I never found it horrifying, I just found it HILARIOUS! Come on, it's a talking doll! haha
Patty's Closet had announced on their Instagram one day that ALL of their shoes were $10 for that day only! I saw these heels in the pic, rushed a half an hour before they closed, and HAPPENED to have a size 6 in the last size (my shoe size)! I'm in love!!
Walgreens is always having serious sales going on in cosmetics. I've always seen the Fergie collection by Wet 'n Wild, but I had never bought any. I loved all the colors in this palette, and at the sale price of $3.99, I HAD TO GET IT!! Review/tutorials coming soon!
From the very same collection, I also found this BB cream. It was on sale for $2.47!! DEALS!!! I wasn't even aware that Wet 'n Wild had BB creams and was not sure how this product would perform, but at that low price....I was willing to find out ;) Review/demo coming next ;)
Walgreens is also the only place I've seen Queen Latifa's Queen Collection! I wasn't aware how many products they had, and was pleasantly surprised how many shades they had for all the darker skin tones :) I actually had a dilemma choosing between colors because I had so many options! Review coming soon, as well :)
From the same collection, I was also in AWE of the lipstick selection! With my skin tone, I have such a hard time finding shades that look right. I was pleasantly surprised to find this lipstick in a beautiful mocha/nudish mauve color. I am OBSESSED!! The lipsticks from this collection were about $5.49, which I believe to be pretty inexpensive! I will absolutely be going back for more colors (most of the shades were actually sold out).

Feel free to watch my YouTube video about my haul here, and if you're not already, please subscribe to my channel :)

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Shop's HUGE Black Friday Sale!

Hello beauties!! There is a massive sale going on ALL WEEK long at my online boutique, Solely Gifted - click here. We really wanted to show our appreciation to all of our amazing customers and followers by having the sale continue for the rest of the week. The best part? No coupon code is needed! Prices are marked as is, and is currently not including our Star Wars collection (that we will have a special on for Cyber Monday). We really hope you take advantage of this amazing sale, because this is our BIGGEST sale of the year! Plus, who doesn't love beating the crowds by shopping at home online in your pajamas?! Sounds like a win win to me ;) I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and happy shopping! Xoxo

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hello beauties! I've started a series on my channel for the rest of the year, and it'll be filled with holiday makeup looks and outfit ideas for all of the upcoming events! This is my first look. 

I hope you guys enjoy this really easy tutorial! Watch my video for ridiculous voice overs ha ha!

Thank you so much for the support!! 'Til next time beauties, MUAH!

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